the bute team

At Bute Fabrics we pride ourselves on being easy to work with - it's a key differential.
Our team is a collection of talented designers and weavers, backed up by a strong customer-led operations team and sales and marketing group, headed by our managing director.

Managing Director

  • James Sprint

    James Sprint


  • Catherine Murray

    Catherine Murray

  • Melissa Thomson

    Melissa Thomson

  • Margaret-Anne Baxter

    Margaret-Anne Baxter

Order administration

  • Lynn Bell

    Lynn Bell

  • Emma MacQueen

    Emma MacQueen

  • Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin

PR & Marketing

  • Fiona Hardie

    Fiona Hardie

Field Sales

  • Cat Hemingway

    Cat Hemingway
    Scotland & NE England

  • Cat Hemingway

    Jacqueline Chappell
    NW England & Midlands

  • Cat Hemingway

    Euan Stewart
    South England


  • Eddie Planck

    Eddie Planck

  • Suzanne McGroarty

    Suzanne McGroarty

  • Janice Wasley

    Janice Wasley

  • Sandra Crawford

    Sandra Crawford

  • John Paterson

    John Paterson

  • Stuart Brady

    Stuart Brady


  • John Black

    John Black

  • Gillian Kennedy

    Gillian Kennedy

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