Bute Fabrics_Education Project_The Bayes Centre University of Edinburgh


Bute Fabrics offer a range of benefits for Education institutions bringing together the unique sustainable and extremely durable properties of wool and combining these to create the aesthetic demands through striking textures and our rich strong contemporary colour palette.

In an environment and indeed a world where communication is dependent on electronics, wools natural anti-static properties are a recognised advantage to highly populated interior spaces and  along with the inherent resistant to dust and grime and flame retardant properties provides an effective solution to the functional demands placed on fabrics, offering a lifetime of quality even with heavy use. Fabric and colour play a very strong role in the visual identity of people and place especially within the taught environment and fabrics can provide a natural, effective and versatile solution differentiating interior learning spaces and combining innovative contemporary design with intelligent engineering.


Bute Fabrics_Education Project_The Bayes Centre University of Edinburgh
Bute Fabrics_Education Project_The Pavilion Nottingham Trent University
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