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The highly anticipated refurbishment of the Fairmont St Andrews public areas was completed in September 2015. This included a complete re-design of the hotel's voluminous Atrium space, which overlooks the North Sea that now incorporates a bespoke 60m long ceiling sculpture by award winning artist George Singer. The ethereal, organic sculpture flows through the space, reflecting the movements of the sea.

RPW's design concept was to transform this area into a more inviting and human-scaled space. A mixture of natural hued finishes was introduced to the surfaces, including timber floors of different patterns, rich earthy green wall colour and eclectic furniture styles that created a warm, more inviting atmosphere.

The designers have worked alongside Scottish artists and manufacturers to re-inforce the sense of locality within the hotel design. Bute provided a number of fabrics for the project including Melrose and Lewis. These were used in the Atrium restaurant dining and wing chairs. These fabrics were selected for their durability, natural wool composition and richly textured design.


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