Clerkenwell 2012

Bute Fabrics participated in CDW 2012 in conjunction with Textiles Scotland.

Juicy Skye 2020 & 2525 fabrics
Luscious Skye 6161 & 6262 fabrics
A John Galvin stool in our Tweed fabric, mid-air
Angus Ross loveseat in situ at CDW12
Cushions in our fabrics on display at the House of Detention
Angus Ross loveseat in our CF802 Tay fabric
Launched at Clerkenwell Design Week, it was tucked away in the bowels of the House of Detention, down-lit by spooky spotlights, showing off every detail to fine effect...
Clerkenwell Design Week
Clerkenwell Design Week (22-24.05.2012), London, UK
Clerkenwell Design Week 2012 Recap
Clerkenwell Design Week 2012

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