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Tactile fabrics designed to inspire.

Our source of natural inspiration from the island has enabled us to develop elegant textiles which combine versatile design and textures with tactile finishes to create a warm, modern ambience for the home. Our diverse fabric collection offers the opportunity to enhance any living space through upholstery, drapery & soft accessories - shaping the perfect mood using light and shade: tone and colour.

Our range of fabrics are made with your wellbeing in mind: naturally derived fibres such as wool, silk, linen and cotton bring many benefits to the home, from valuable health & environmental properties to long term sustainability, we have selected these fibres specifically.


Bute fabrics are specially designed to withstand the rigours of everyday living; durable and easy to care for, they will retain their appearance for many years to come. All of our fabrics are tested to meet the highest quality standards.


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