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Colour. Texture. Bute

Graphical House, Derek Welsh Studio & Reuben Paris for Bute Fabrics.

For the launch of the revitalised Bute brand and website, Graphical House wanted to create a collection of stunning images that captured the personality of the company and communicated the superior qualities of their fabrics. The aim was to open up the possibilities of how the fabric ranges could be used and combined in innovative and inspirational ways.

Graphical House collaborated with designer and woodworker, Derek Welsh, who custom-built a flexible photographic set at the mill.

Derek’s meticulous approach through research, prototyping and manufacture lead to a range of beautifully produced display objects designed to appear both familiar and abstract at the same time. The breadth of the Bute Collection was showcased through a variety of configurations, allowing the fabrics to come to the fore.

The colour and texture palettes were carefully chosen for each image so current trends were reflected as well as challenged.

They also joined forces with the photographer, Reuben Paris, whose distinctive approach brought all the elements together.

Over the duration of five days in October 2016, the team worked together with Derek, Reuben and Bute Fabrics to dress the set in 17 different arrangements, creating 50 striking images.

The end result is a powerful family of images that highlight the outstanding qualities of the fabric and position Bute Fabrics as originators, leading the way in an international marketplace.