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We’re big fans of Bute Fabrics here at Deadgood and have worked together for what fast is approaching ten years. Quite often when launching a collection we’ve looked [to this friendly and approachable company] for a fun and classic fabric to use and in certain instances these fabrics have become synonymous with our ranges, the Harvey Collection in particular.

We unveiled the Knurled Fabric during Design Junction in September 2016. The design expands on the storyline of an existing product in the Deadgood range, mimicking the appearance and tactility of knurling but swapping the usual characteristics of coldness and hardness for warmth and softness through its choice of colour and material.

I have to admit that it has been incredibly well received by our clients, most of whom keep asking for swatch cards so it can be specified. From what our clients are telling us, it’s something a little bit different that could help create a statement without being too overt. In every sense, it’s Deadgood.

- Elliot Brook, Deadgood