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The Identity Collection

David Irwin x Bute Fabrics

British product designer David Irwin, has created his first range of textiles in collaboration with Bute Fabrics. The collections, ‘Identity’ and ‘Strata’ have been inspired by the island and intricately celebrates the company’s heritage, its location and its people.

Both collections are firmly rooted in the elements on which the company are founded: craftsmanship, skill, the island landscape and the local community where 46 employees reside. This collaboration celebrates the impact of the human touch within machine production; the makers mark and the mastery of the unique processes inherent in manufacture.

The first of two fabrics within the identity collection, ‘Kin’, celebrates the impact of human touch within machine production; the makers mark and the mastery of the unique processes inherent in textile manufacture.
Fingerprints from each member of staff, provided the graphical source material with a direct link back to the people who create the end product.

Fluid and dynamic, the resulting arrangement has the appearance of motion in unison, a collective mass swirling in an almost hypnotic display.

The second of the two fabrics within the Identity collection, ‘Clan’ celebrates the unique origin of the company and it’s founding by the 5th Marques of Bute. The idea of lineage and celebrating connection with our ancestors became a key element when creating a pattern for Clan, a pattern which began with the checked motif contained within the ‘Stuart of Bute’ heraldry.

Clan’s final composition brings together the basic check from the Stuart Crest and the sequenced auto-radiographs, resulting in a woven pattern of structured irregularity. A randomised, linear repeat, juxtaposed with the organic fluency of Kin.

The colour palette for both Kin and Clan take their cue from the heraldry and tartans of Scottish Clans offering a range of rich tones, versatile neutrals and bold primaries.

The Identity Collection brings together two synchronistic elements which celebrate the same origin, whilst producing contrasting forms of pattern: Kin is organic, flowing where Clan is geometric, linear.

Identity focuses on graphical representations of identity, both shared and unique.