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The Strata Collection

David Irwin x Bute Fabrics

The Strata collection takes its cue from the isle of Bute’s underlying geology, referencing the colours of stone found on the island from its bedrock to its pebbled beaches and rocky shores.

A prime example of this sandstone in use is that of Mount Stuart, the Gothic Revival Mansion which is the seat of the Stuarts of Bute. The blocks from which the building is constructed were hand dressed by stone masons who’s individual chisel marks are still visible today.

The tool marks left by the masons create an effect of shadow and contrast similar to that of the rocks found along the southern shore of the island as well the ridges of the eroded sandstone.

The resulting ‘Mason’ design is a bold, large scale striped pattern possessing the textures of natural stone whilst retaining the inherent character of hand craft.

The second fabric within the Strata collection, ‘Mineral’, also uses sandstone as its point of reference, only this time looking deeper into its Mineral composition. Looking at various magnification images of sandstone and other sedimentary rocks, allows us to observe the mineral content and internal structures hidden deep within.

Viewed at this scale, these thin sections of material reveal natural compositions, rich and varied in form ranging from densely populated masses to sporadic clusters.

Mineral is designed to create visual impact - the graphic structure preserves a feeling of stone whilst the abstract array of fragments leaves the pattern open to interpretation.

For ‘Mason’, earthy, rugged hues derived from the sandstone and pebbles collected on the island, helped to inform the final palette.

Referencing minerals and precious stones, the colourway for ‘Mineral’ offers a fresh, youthful palette containing a mix of dusty pastels and elemental shades.