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Studio Insight : Hello Colour

We are delighted to have Melbourne based Colour Design Consultant Rachel Rimmer as our first Studio Insight contributor! Bute Fabrics met with Hello Colour last year and bonded over a shared love of colour, texture and design inspiration. Here we pose a few questions to Rachel to give us an insight into the process and elements that go into her work.

A little about how I came to be here . . .
Prior to starting Hello Colour started in 2017, I worked for over 10 years as a Visual Merchandising and Brand Manager for fashion and homewares retailers. Colour has always played such an important role in my work, whether styling outfits or designing window and instore displays. After my own renovation project, I was keen to transfer all the skills I'd been using in retail spaces, to residential spaces. I completed a Colour Design course (in between having two kids), and started taking on projects straight away. By the time I'd completed my course, my initial clients were recommending me to their friends- and Hello Colour was born!

My favourite place for sourcing ideas and inspiration . . . .
Fabulous colour combinations are just waiting to be discovered here, there and everywhere! I spend a lot of time online trawling Pinterest and design blogs. I scroll Instagram to discover new designers and colourful creatives. I love checking out exhibitions. I always have my eye out for amazing street art. And still love to flick magazines and design books. I just love following fashion trends, runway shows are so inspirational. Travel is a must too- when small people and budget allows. My most recent trip was to LA, Palm Springs and Joshua Tree.

Is colour and texture important to your work?
Absolutely essential! Colour and texture create interest and mood but above all else, help you to personalise your space.

I believe in the importance of collaboration because . . . .
Whether it's an artist or architect, I think you can learn so much from other creatives. Collaboration allows you to peek inside another person's creative world, which is always so interesting. As someone who works solo most of the time, it's nice to be be able to bounce ideas off someone else. And who knows, I might even pick up some clever new tidbits to apply to my own creative process and business.

How do you overcome a creative block?
I was just listening to a brilliant podcast about this! (Jen Gotch is OK Sometimes, Overcoming Creative Blocks) Their best tip was to think about a time when you are really productive, and then think what was happening at the time and how you can recreate it. Do you work better at night or early mornings? Were you listening to music or do you need quiet? My best ideas rarely arrive to a schedule. Large blocks of time allow me to immerse myself in a project, but these usually come late at night.

A little bit about my process . . . .
Initially, I work with the client on a wish list for their space. Together we carve out what type of space they want to create and discuss mood and style. This is my starting point. Then it's research and sample sourcing time. I use imagery to communicate potential colour schemes to clients. For quicker colour refresh projects, we review these ideas, colour samples and potential colour schemes on site before the paints and samples and approved. For renovation projects, there's likely to be multiple site visits and sample sourcing/ shopping thrown in too.

Find out more about Rachel here:
or follow her on instagram @sayhellocolour