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Liberation Kilt Co.

The Blueheart tartan symbolises the collective heartbeat of victims of human trafficking and it's the official tartan of the United Nations International Blue Heart Campaign Against Human Trafficking. Woven by Bute Fabrics, twenty percent of profits from sale of Blueheart fabric go to a UN trust fund supporting charities around the world serving trafficking victims and fighting traffickers in the courts.

Blueheart made its debut last year, when tour guides at the United Nations in Vienna wore tartan sashes with the official Blue Heart pin. Last week the first commercial products featuring this striking design went on sale, as ethical pet clothing brand Lulu & Robbie launched a unique range of stylish dog jackets that put animal welfare first.

Liberation Kilt Co, which designs tartans for a range of humanitarian causes, is gifting Blueheart guitar straps to British musicians to advance the cause. “The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime is committed to ending the scourge of modern slavery and we’re proud to be part of this effort”, says Prof Giles Jackson, co-founder of Liberation Kilt Co. He welcomes partnership opportunities with fashion, furnishings and other brands seeking new and exciting ways to distinguish themselves and delight their clients.

Giles Jackson