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Perfectly tailored solutions for maritime interiors.

The Bute name has always been an assurance of sustainability, quality and durability, recognised worldwide; making our wide range of wool rich fabrics a perfect solution for the Cruise line and private yacht markets.

Our in-house design team have carefully developed fabrics in a broad range of colours, textures and finishes to enhance the guest experience within maritime interiors. We have textiles suitable for upholstery, drapery and wall panelling, which are fully stock supported and designed specifically for high performance environments.

We often work closely with our clients to develop a completely bespoke fabric solution, tailored and custom coloured to their specific needs. During this process, our design and quality teams collaborate to make sure that all fabrics have a proven track record when it comes to outstanding performance - resulting in fabrics which are functional and beautifully unique.

All fabrics listed have been tested to strict IMO standards.

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