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Thistle Centre for Wellbeing

The Thistle Foundation, located in Edinburgh, is a charitable organisation who offer support to those with disabilities, enabling them to live independent lives, in their own homes. In fulfilling this remit, their new Centre of Health & Wellbeing offers facilities such as a central community hub, specially equipped gym, consultation and training rooms and office space, for the charity.

The overall feel and appearance of the building was of significant importance. Most crucially, it required to offer a warm and inviting environment for those who the Charity supports. Many who visit the centre suffer from anxiety-related conditions, either as a direct result of their physical condition, or due to separate mental health issues. The key aim was to make anyone who sets foot through the front door feel immediately at home.

The fabrics selected were chosen to offer a careful balance between colour and texture, tying in with the Client’s key branding, whilst maintaining a calming environment. In combination with the extensive use of timber, this approach struck the right ambience, imbuing the building with a welcoming and non-institutional feel.

Chris Dobson

Photography by David Cadzow